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Tactics V Obsidian Brigade Free Download

Junaid Games Reply August 09, 2019

Tactics V Obsidian Brigade Free Download - Tactics V: "Obsidian Brigade" is a retro-style tactical turn-based video game in homage to console tactical RPGs from the 1990s. Its set in an in-house fantasy setting with it's own lore and magic, It also uses techniques to convert to a 2D isometric look from 3D assets.

The dream behind this game goes with the roman numeral five in its name, which was originally the code name differentiating it from four other tactical game systems the programmer, Paul Metcalf, had made.

Content Included:

• Robust combat system (with many mechanics: facing, targeting styles, actions, delayed actions, reactions)

• World map navigation.

• >50 hand crafted levels

• >80 scripted scenes/battles

• 25+ hours and new game plus

• 3 ½ tiers of gear/weaponry

• 13 unique unlockable classes

• >50 skills (proficiencies, abilities, power casting unlockable)

• >140 powers (Elemental magic, close range, Archery, Imbue poisons, etc.)

• Optional cooperative main-game via assigning troops to another controller during deployment

• Training option allowing a non-fatal combat to be controlled by player(s) or AI to gain XP and Skill points

• Optional Alternate top-down perspective available

Title - Tactics V Obsidian Brigade

Release Date - 9 Aug, 2019

Game Size - 571.83MB

Developer - From Nothing Game Studios

Genre - RPG, Strategy, Turn Based

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 SP1+
Processor: 1.2+ Ghz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 10 Compaitble, or OpenGL 4 support
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 1 GB available space

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
Processor: 2+ Ghz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 10 Compatible, or OpenGL 4 support
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 1 GB available space


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Install Instructions

- Extract Or Mount
- Install The Game
- Copy Crack Files
- Done!!

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